Show Up at the Top of the Search Results Without Spending Years on SEO

Want to be front-and-center on Google when your prospects are looking for homes in your market?

(If you’re thinking, “Duh, but I don’t know how to make that happen, and I’m really busy already,” then keep reading…)

Boosting your search ranking naturally through search engine optimization (SEO) is great and all. But SEO is also an inexact, time-consuming practice that can cost you years and thousands of dollars without anything to show for it.

Instead, cut right to the front of the line (and in front of your competition) with leadPops’ Google Ads Service.

I Want Leads From Google

Your Google Ads will target, attract, and convert prospects looking to buy in your area — all without you having to write a single blog 🙌

Generate leads with leadPops Google Search Ads

“Do People Really Find Their Real Estate Agent on Google?”

Mortgage Providers On Google

Yep! Think about it.

What’s the first thing YOU do when you need to figure out new FHA guidelines, find a recipe to use that aging squash in your fridge, or book a plumbing repair?

Chances are, you type something into Google and hit “Enter”. ➡️

Just like you rely on Google for answers to questions large and small, prospective home buyers and sellers start their home search process there.

Google is THE place where people go to get info about available homes for sale (and to see what comparable homes in the area are selling for).

The beauty of Google Ads is that you’re showing up for people who are LOOKING for you and need your help!

When a prospective home buyer or seller searches on Google, they’re investing time to find a solution to their problem.

And voila! You show up exactly when they need you.

In 2020, Google search frequencies for real estate-related keywords reached all-time highs!

Target Your Market
More Precisely Than a Predator Drone… 🎯

All of Planet Earth uses Google. But you aren’t going after the whole planet.

You’re only going after people in your area who are currently in the homebuying process, or showing interest in buying a home.

Luckily, you can target your Google Ads specifically toward your perfect prospects.

Using specific keywords, you’ll draw in motivated leads from the 6.9 billion daily searches on Google.

Your Google Ads will be the link connecting eager, interested potential buyers directly with you.

… and Be the Guide Your Potential Clients Need

Google already knows that tons of people are searching for info on homes in your area.

Lots of websites offer information about the “complex and overwhelming” home-buying and selling processes...

But you know the process isn’t as complicated as it sounds. Clients just need your help to understand it!

To reach and help those searchers, your business has to show up on the search results page for homes in the markets you want to service.

Make Sure I Get Seen

After all, you miss 100% of the leads you don’t capture

Home Searchers​ In Your Market

leadPops Google Ads Get Results. Here’s Proof.

Nobody knows real estate lead-gen better than we do. Just look around: you’ll find so-called Google Ad
“masters” who scratch their heads and shrug when you mention escrow or IDX.

Here are just some of the results our Google Ads campaigns have won for businesses like yours:

507 Clicks - 60 Leads Converted @ $50 per Lead in Virginia!

507 Clicks - 60 Leads Converted @ $50 per Lead in Virginia!

101 Clicks - 15 Leads Converted @ $132 per Lead in Utah!

101 Clicks - 15 Leads Converted @ $132 per Lead in Utah!

482 Clicks - Leads Converted for an average of @ $62 per Lead in Florida!

482 Clicks - 84 Leads Converted for an average of @ $62 per Lead in Florida!

How Will Your Google Ads Help You
Compete With The Big Dogs?

Google Advertising helps compete with Zillow

We’ve got good news and bad news. Let’s tackle the bad news first:

Companies like Zillow, Redfin, and are all gunning for the leads that should rightfully be yours.

They’d rather box you out from your customers so they can yoink ALL the good leads and sell them to hordes of your online competitors...

And they don’t bat an eye at spending millions to get to the top of Google.

They’ve turned the real estate lead-generation landscape into a bloody battleground — and their goal is world domination.

What with all their corporate red tape and regulations, you know these industry “big dogs” wouldn’t be spending a dime on Google Ads unless it were lining their pockets with cash.

These industry “big dogs” have dominated the top of the SERPs for too long!

But now you’ve got leadPops’ Google Ads Service on your side.

We’ll identify your most profitable keywords, target your hyper-local market, and finally get you a chance to win the business you deserve.

Launch My Google Ads Now

And take back your local leads

Location-Specific Google Ads for Real Estate
Are a HUGE Opportunity

This might not surprise you… but people love looking for their dream home.  There are hundreds of thousands of searches for house-hunting-related keywords every day!

And since looking for a home is highly location-specific, so is our strategy here at leadPops. We make sure you only draw in the leads that are actually valuable and relevant to you.

By focusing our strategy on your specific area, we lower the amount of competition you face (not to mention the cost of your ads).

That’s why Google Ads are the best way to generate cost-effective leads from prospects who are looking to buy homes in your market.

Get My Local Leads

Hot leads in your area are looking to connect 😘

Real Estate advertising with Google Ads

“Why Can’t I Just Do It Myself?

Give Me Google Ads

You absolutely can. But it won’t be a picnic.

If you decide to jump into the deep end on your own, Google’s complex ads manager and platform can quickly leave you feeling lost.

Your competitors have spent billions collectively studying the psychology that gets people to click and convert into a lead.

Starting from scratch would take you years of research and investment with NO promise of return.

Let’s pretend you’re not busy at all (ha!), and you actually have the time to learn Google’s complicated targeting and advertisement platform…

If your ads send people to a cookie-cutter real estate website with a basic MLS integration, you might as well be shoveling your money into a furnace.

Even if you spend a fortune and get boatloads of clicks, it’s entirely possible that you won’t have ANY leads to show for it.

Why? Because your ad, the landing page it leads to, and the contact form visitors need to fill out on that page ALL have to be geared toward converting.

Combine that harsh reality with the fact that you’re competing with billion-dollar companies that are light years ahead… and it might seem like you’re staring up Mount Everest.

But you don't have to start from the bottom. We’ve mastered every aspect of Google Ads specifically for real estate agents and brokers just like you. We’ll share our tools and expertise with you right now.

So… why do it all yourself when you can work with us and get better results faster?

Start Running My Ads

And stake your claim to the mountain of
promising leads that’s waiting for you

What’s Included with leadPops’
Done-For-You Google Ads Service

Content Specifically Tailored to Real Estate

Hiring a digital marketer to run your Google Ads when they don’t know real estate is like asking a line cook to serve up a Michelin-starred meal. You’re just not going to get the quality you want.

Your leadPops Google Ad service includes content proven to make agents stand out in the ocean of search results (and keep headaches at bay).

You can run ads targeted at the specific markets YOU choose! No more wasting time and energy on leads you don’t want or can’t work with.

Custom Conversion-Optimized Landing Pages

Most Google Ads services just worry about getting you to show up on the search results page. They don’t care if their ads actually work — AKA bring visitors through the ad, to the landing page, into your CRM — or not.

By contrast, leadPops controls the post-click experience to guarantee that qualified leads end up in your inbox.

Your leadPops Google Ads service includes 100% Conversion-Optimized Landing Pages, curated with content that weaves your leadPops Funnels throughout. Naturally, it’s all fully customized with your branding and logo.

Our landing pages also include Sticky Navigation that encourages your traffic to enter a Lead Funnel (or better yet, ​to dial your phone directly).​ This gives you the opportunity to ​close even more deals BEYOND the leads coming in through your ads.

Customized Keyword Targeting

You know you want more customers — and we know exactly what they’re searching for. We do in-depth keyword research on your market to identify the right hyper-local keywords. You’ll be targeting the right Google users based on their location and searches.

With leadPops, you don’t have to fiddle around or guess what keywords work best for your Google Ads. Just hand us the keys and get ready for your leads to roll in.

Conversion Tracking

Between keywords, audiences, location, and all the other marketing jargon, how do you know which ad to run when and where? It’s simple: keep doing what works. Conversion tracking within the leadPops Google Ads service shows you which ads are earning you clients. We track conversions through Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, and Google Ads.

When these platforms are speaking to each other, you get the best-performing campaigns possible. ​We tie conversions to ads, keywords, locations, and more to optimize every campaign you run. After a while, Google learns to only spend your precious marketing budget on ads that are converting.

24/7/365 Lead Follow-Up (Optional Add-On Service)

Generating dozens or hundreds of leads with your leadPops Google Ads services isn’t a fairy tale. It’s the reality you can expect immediately after launching your ads.

And because you’re spending hard-earned money to generate real estate leads, you need to make sure your prospects are actually booking meetings. We all know some people won’t answer the phone... even if they’re looking for houses every day. 🙄

To turn those elusive leads into sold homes (and cash in your accounts), we offer a fully automated lead Follow-Up Service Add-On that nurtures and qualifies your leads for you on autopilot. Our real estate-specific service even sets appointments for you! You’ll literally be booking appointments with prospects all day, even while you sleep and on the weekends.

As part of this concierge service, you can expect up to 31 touches over 6 months by phone call, text, and email​ — all handled by U.S.-based, real estate appointment-setting specialists.

Countless CRM Integrations

Already have your favorite CRM baked into your business? Don’t feel like wasting time importing all your new Google Ads leads? That’s why leadPops integrates with every major real estate CRM and 100+ other platforms through Zapier.